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Oct 2022

  • Performance
22. October 2022, 19:00
LIMINAL is a dance/performance based art film experience that uses Berlin’s architecture as a second skin to create a visual choreography of the contemporary experience of liminality and the need of becoming in our current historic moment
  • Performance
19. October 2022, 20:00
An evening that invites musicians and performer from various backgrounds to create immersive narrative of momentary noise and electronic soundscapes. PWAH are Roberta Stein and Cem Çakmak, a Berlin-based experimental duo merging voice and heartbeat with electronic instruments live.
  • Performance
13. October 2022, 20:00
Don’t you lie awake at night wishing that Philip K Dick had written music to accompany his vision of dystopia? All that time he was working in a music store and we only get books… Well luckily, Mr. Boris Hauf has supplied us with the next best thing: The great anti-anti-utopia is here.”

Sep 2022

  • Seminar
11. September 2022, 16:00
With Paula Schopf, Frau Fisch, Dornika, Carla J. Meier and Moderator: Jeremy Woodruff Now that sound art has become mainstream, we are witnessing a large revival of mixing sound art concepts with pop. How do experiments with sound enter into various pop artist’s work? And how perhaps, is sound art itself breaking out of traditional models using pop-like methods?
  • Workshop
10. September 2022, 16:00
Dieser Workshop bietet eine experimentelle- praktische Einführung in die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten des Klangs, Field Recording und Sampling
  • Performance
9. September 2022 – 11. September 2022
The Berlin School of Sound’s SOUNDS POP festival is a 3-day festival featuring both new generation and developing artists in the Berlin pop scene, including concerts and performances, a radio show, a workshop, and a panel. It will also include a small marketplace area with food stands and pop-up shops!
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