Katie Porter & Lucio Capece, Andrea Parkins & Eliad Wagner, Angeles Rojas and Open Ensemble and Jeremy Woodruff

  • Performance
5. December 2022, 19:30

Phase to Phase (Katie Porter & Lucio Capece, bass clarinets) 

Andrea Parkins (amplified objects and electronics) – Eliad Wagner ( synthesizer) 

Ángeles Rojas – Breathe into the forest, into the bird, into the song 

Kevin Sommer – Bb clarinet, Katie Porter – Bass clarinet, Sofia Salvo – Bari Sax, Jeremy Woodruff – Bari Sax, Lucio Capece – Feedback, Julián Galay – Tuning forks, Ángeles Rojas – Shruti box

Jeremy Woodruff –  Ne Voyne (Katie Porter: Bass clarinet & Jeremy Woodruff: Bari sax, Field recordings)

5. December 2022, 19:30
Donation Basis 10/7€
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin


Bookings are closed for this event.

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  • Course
6. March 2023 - 6. May 2023, 09:00
55+ hours of seminars, workshops, talks, lessons and concerts, from expert practitioners and researchers including performance/ presentations by course participants in the Club Raum at Kunsthaus Acud in May. For singers, instrumentalists, composers, sound artists, researchers, musicologists, and rasikas alike.

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