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Apr 2024

  • Performance
  • Workshop
22. April 2024 – 15. June 2024
(sponsored by Initiative Neue Musik) How Do the Smallest Units of Sound Relate…? In the case of music from differing cultures, approaches and disciplines playing together, how can musicians use underlying metaphors to bring fundamental differences of technique and sound into meaningful aesthetic relationships with one another? Furthermore, what technical studies and (if applicable) new notational approaches for melody, rhythm, timbre, and interaction derived from these metaphors can best facilitate this goal?

Mar 2024

  • Course
4. March 2024 – 5. May 2024, 18:00
This course teaches you the main specializations in the industry in one intensive education: You will get a great hands-on preparation to do audio production work for picture (film/video), radio and podcast, theater, performance, live concert stage sound, as well as understand the professional recording studio workflow. A pro seminar on audio mastering completes the course. At the end you can present your work at the legendary Acud Macht Neu Club.

Feb 2024

  • Performance
18. February 2024, 18:00
Sound- und Videoperformance mit Daniel Kupferberg (Projektionen), Sofia Borges (Perkussion), Theda Weber-Lucks (Stimme), Vadim Keylin (Sitmme), Werner Dafeldecker (Elektronik) Zustandsbeschreibungen, Übergänge, Verwandlungen – zwischen Erdulden, Freisetzen, sich Öffnen, wabernden Unfähigkeitsfantasien und selbstanalytischer Zersetzung. Die endlosen Bewegungen zwischen dem Körperlichen und dem Bewusstsein ertragen, im Urstrom der Zeichen den immer wieder vergeblichen Versuch wagen, das Namenlose zu greifen.

Dec 2023

  • Performance
1. December 2023, 20:00
ein Liederabend der Extraklasse begleitet von den übrigen Liverampenexperten von Ole Pistole. Geprobt wird einen Tag vorher an einem geheimen Ort. maile Bernd deinen Song an:

Nov 2023

  • Performance
30. November 2023, 20:00
Echospheric symbolizes a space where innovative and resonant sounds converge, reflecting the eclectic sonic experiments and diverse instrumental landscapes of the featured artists. It symbolizes an interconnected sonic journey, merging experimental sounds, intricate networks, and immersive experiences, challenging conventional boundaries and engaging audiences in a reverberating atmosphere.
  • Performance
22. November 2023, 20:30
Pioneering Egyptian musicians Hassan Khan and Maurice Louca perform together as a duo for the first time in this exploratory evening of intense and subtle music. Weaving together the cracked harmonies of monophonic sine wavs, pentatonic fuzzed out guitar runs, percussive contact mike patterns, synthesizer work-outs and many other elements into one killer session.
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