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Jan 2023

  • Seminar
  • Workshop
12. January 2023, 11:00
In this workshop, participants are invited to explore the basic phenomena of psychoacoustics and intonation and to develop individual creative projects experimenting with their manifestations in any form.

Dec 2022

  • Performance
14. December 2022, 20:00
On the occasion of Ken Ueno’s return to Berlin, Audrey Chen, Nicola Hein and Viola Yip will join Ueno to present an evening of improvised music with voice and electronics of various kinds. All of them share a performing practice of foregrounding simultaneous intensities and subtleties out of their complex construction of sounds
  • Workshop
14. December 2022, 17:00
Noting how Western European classical music values are entrenched exnominatively in music pedagogy in the United States, composer, vocalist, and artist Ken Ueno moves toward creating a personal practice that seeks to “uncorset” musical practice and, by extension, claim artistic agency for those who do not belong to the dominant culture.
  • Performance
6. December 2022, 20:00
In this project, Ensemble Extrakte embarks on a special musical journey of exploration along a narrative by Rabindranath Tagore. Following the content of a poem by Tagore, the ensemble from Berlin symbolically steers towards imaginary islands and follows sea routes on the oceans, which represent musical networks of relationships, in this exchange of instruments and playing approaches, in order to get to know the alternative, the unknown, sounds, rhythms and moods. 
  • Performance
5. December 2022, 19:30
Phase to Phase, Electronics and Synthesizers, Open Ensemble and composition based on field recordings of anti-war protest in St. Petersburg, March 2022

Nov 2022

  • Workshop
23. November 2022 – 27. November 2022, 17:00
Over the two-days-workshop, participants will be invited to create their own personalised tuning system and to create generative music using it.
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