This course provides a hands-on and research-based approach to site-specific practices in sound, in which participant’s experimental research is focused on their own specialisations and particular interests. The course culminates in a project week wherein participant’s work is featured for the public at a four-day event at Acud.

Lecturers: Jeremy Woodruff and Katharina Bévand.
Guest Lecturers: Brandon LaBelle and Budhaditya Chattopradhyay
Cooperation: Singuhr’s Unexpected Territories Festival, Composers-Inside-Electronics artists John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein, and Michael Johnson

Thanks to the support of Kulturraum Berlin GmbH, the rehearsal space of the Berlin School of Sound at ACUD is now available to free working musicians from the fields of new music and jazz until 31.03.2022. FREE if either the board of inm e.V. and/or IG Jazz confirms your application to use the space – see the links below to sign up! Btw “Die Wache” doesn’t exist anymore. Now it’s us.

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