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Nov 2022

  • Performance
20. November 2022, 20:00
Blurring the line between composed and improvised playing, the Böseblick Ensemble’s music combines elements of melody and noise with fluidity and grace, articulating a reflection on contemporary issues of cultural appropriation, homeland and togetherness, and creating soundscapes beyond established traditions.
  • Workshop
19. November 2022, 13:00
In an atmosphere of collective collaboration and knowledge sharing, KTONAL members guide participants through a practical discovery of AI-powered sound generation.
  • Performance
18. November 2022, 20:30
For the ACUD edition Berlin Modular Society is broadcasting the unheard sounds this evening. Unique hardware setups are coming together to give us the most unique creations.  This is one evening of a bi-weekly event series where the Berlin Modular Society is bringing together not only the musicians to share their performances but also an  audience who appreciate what surprises every new BMS evening has.
  • Course
15. November 2022 – 29. January 2023
In this hands-on course the participants learn fundamental theory and approaches to modular synthesis while also learning the basics of electronics for building circuitry and synth modules. Assignments help the participants learn strategies for better achieving their artistic goals and structuring work. In the last two weeks of the course, approaches to composition, improvisation and performance with modular synthesis and built interfaces are workshopped and performed

Oct 2022

  • Performance
31. October 2022, 20:00
Jazz & Fly Fishing is a jazz quartet, a quirky film project, and a dream come true. It all started in Helsinki in 2008. Two young men met in a pub and came up with the ingenious idea of putting together a jazz band of fly fishermen. Those two men were Joona Toivanen, an award winning Finnish piano player who is also a passionate fly fisherman, and Petri Luukkainen
  • Performance
28. October 2022 – 29. October 2022
Es reicht von einem die Stille erforschenden Kinderstück über präparierte und elektronische Klavierklänge bis zu einem Stück zu vier Händen. Das zweite Paar Hände agiert allerdings nicht an den Tasten, sondern im Flügelinneren – um das Instrument zu dämpfen, Flageolettklänge zu erzeugen oder die perkussiven Eigenschaften des Instrumentes zu erforschen (nur 29. Oktober)
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