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Jul 2022

  • Performance
5. July 2022, 21:00
The culminating event with the participants of the Unexpected Territories Workshops together with John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, and Michael Johnsen
  • Workshop
4. July 2022 – 5. July 2022, 15:00
Workshops with John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein on Space, Resonance and Feedback, using transducers and other electronics, Workshop with Michael Johnson with circuitry. Application required. Participation in only one of the workshops is possible.

Jun 2022

  • Workshop
30. June 2022
Harmonic Space Orchestra (HSO) is a Berlin-based experimental research and performance collective with Rational Intonation / extended Just Intonation at the core of its practice. Here instrumentalists and interested listeners and invited to hear the open rehearsal process of the collective.
  • Performance
25. June 2022, 20:00
Through samples, voices, velocity nodes and resonant insights, by turn fleeting and crass, subliminal and cranked, a sonic cudgel of revolutionary bliss emerges… ┬áspecial guest Eda Er with Alessandra Eramo, Korhan Erel and Eremy Woodruff
  • Performance
20. June 2022, 20:00
Copenhagen based pianist Johanna Borchert teams up with Berlin based double bassist Miles Perkin to explore other-worldly sound vocabularies Simon and Joe first met in 2005 while playing as sidemen in the group of Ryan Blotnick at the Copenhagen Jazz Fest. They both live in Berlin.
  • Performance
13. June 2022, 20:00
The band ‘Fattness’, featuring all bass instruments will play new music and also invite the audience to “play along” with the ensemble on their cell phones.
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