Things and Words with Travis Just

Working with uncommon stuff in a musical way and with musical stuff in an uncommon way. Patterns, material, attitude. After James Tenney, Sun Ra, and Black Flag.

“Meanderthaler”installative Sound Performances an urbanen Brunnen 

Licht und Projektion verwandeln. Klänge auch. Städtische Orte, wie Brunnen an öffentlichen Plätzen oder künstlich angelegte Wasserfälle in Parks, werden durch sie transparent für anderes Sein. Mitten im Alltag findet Verwandlung statt, beginnt etwas zu raunen, Stimme zu erheben, Klang zu werden – alte Quellen, umgekrempelte Mythologien.

Mitwirkende: u.a. Sofia Borges (perc.), Myriam Doumi (vocals), Tim Florence (grand piano), Dietmar Herriger (sopr. sax), Daniel Kupferberg (proj.), Theda Weber-Lucks (vocals), Jeremy Woodruff (bar. sax)

“Les Ephemeres” Synth Duo, Katharina Bévand and Stéphane Lefrancois

CANCELED. Contact for more info. The experimental modular synthesizer duo “les ephemeres” are sound artist Katharina Bévand and producer, DJ and owner of the london label Secret Music Stéphane Lefrancois. les ephemeres has been streaming online and performing live since its new formation in 2021. Their first EP, Procession, was released on Bandcamp in February 2022. They are currently receiving a grant for bands from the Musicfonds.


Musical forms of minimalist idiom, which consist of isolated sound events as well as gradually revealing harmonies and resonances. Metallic sounds from a large heavy cymbal are amplified and blend with electronically generated sine waves of varying amplitude, unfolding in a continuous glissando.

Heya Collective – We are Here but Not All

Heya, is a research project and experimental ‘musicking’ collective which aims to bridge women who make sound and experimental music in the UK, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey with each other and a global audience. Live networked performances and collaborative sonic works between Nour Sokhon (LE), Jilliene Sellner (CA/UK), Yara Mekawei (EG) and Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (TR), mixing and reacting to each other’s field recordings and sonic experiments, becomes a horizontal and egalitarian method of decolonizing musicological research

Zafraan Ensemble Sessions

In each session, a special guest and his inspiring genre are invited to celebrate the personal encounter and direct exchange with the Zafraan Ensemble and the audience. Special Guest: Kalle Kalima – electric guitar and composer from Finland Programm:Kalle Kalima (*1973) – ADAC

Sharing Session 1

The Berlin School of Sound and the initiative neue music e.V. invite you to an informal sharing and exchange session at ACUD Macht Neu that aims to connect displaced, newly arrived artists with artists and cultural practitioners already settled in Berlin. Everybody is welcome to attend – the event is free of charge, and is aimed to become a regular meet up for the music and sound scene. 

FATTNESS: low register

The band ‘Fattness’, featuring all bass instruments will play new music and also invite the audience to “play along” with the ensemble on their cell phones.

Johanna Borchert and Miles Perkin duo / Simon Jermyn and Joe Smith duo

Copenhagen based pianist Johanna Borchert teams up with Berlin based double bassist Miles Perkin to explore other-worldly sound vocabularies

Simon and Joe first met in 2005 while playing as sidemen in the group of Ryan Blotnick at the Copenhagen Jazz Fest. They both live in Berlin.

To Er is Human

Through samples, voices, velocity nodes and resonant insights, by turn fleeting and crass, subliminal and cranked, a sonic cudgel of revolutionary bliss emerges…  special guest Eda Er with Alessandra Eramo, Korhan Erel and Eremy Woodruff