FATTNESS: low register

  • Performance
13. June 2022, 20:00
13. June 2022, 20:00
Donation basis 10/7
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin

Fattness is a big band made up of all low instruments. 3 baritone saxophones, 2 trombones, tuba, 2 bassists (upright and electric) and 2 percussionists.

Leonie Freudenberger (Bariton-Saxophon)
Jeremy Woodruff (Bariton-Saxofon )
Tobias Schirmer (Bariton-Saxofon)
Nils Marquart (Posaune)
Stefan Pahlke (Tuba)
Peter Nitsch (E-Bass und Kontrabass)
Ranjit Prasad (E-Bass und Kontrabass)
Liliana Zieniawa (Drum Set und Vibraphon )
Martin Krause (Drum Set, Marimbaphon und
Orchester Schlagzeug)


Bookings are closed for this event.

What else is going on What else is going on What else is going on

  • Performance
6. September 2022 - 6. December 2022
Bei den transkulturellen Ensemble-Konzerten unter dem Titel Sonic Borderlines wird nach einer internationalen und dekolonisierten historischen Aufführungspraxis gesucht. Die radikal kuratierten Abende bringen Musiker:innen mit den unterschiedlichsten Backgrounds zusammen, wie arabische und aserbaidschanische Klassik und Musik aus dem europäischen Mittelalter und der Renaissance.
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In this hands-on course the participants learn fundamental theory and approaches to modular synthesis while also learning the basics of electronics for building circuitry and synth modules. Assignments help the participants learn strategies for better achieving their artistic goals and structuring work. In the last two weeks of the course, approaches to composition, improvisation and performance with modular synthesis and built interfaces are workshopped and performed
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5. December 2022, 19:30
Phase to Phase, Electronics and Synthesizers, Open Ensemble and composition based on field recordings of anti-war protest in St. Petersburg, March 2022
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14. December 2022, 17:00
Noting how Western European classical music values are entrenched exnominatively in music pedagogy in the United States, composer, vocalist, and artist Ken Ueno moves toward creating a personal practice that seeks to “uncorset” musical practice and, by extension, claim artistic agency for those who do not belong to the dominant culture.
  • Performance
14. December 2022, 20:00
On the occasion of Ken Ueno's return to Berlin, Audrey Chen, Nicola Hein and Viola Yip will join Ueno to present an evening of improvised music with voice and electronics of various kinds. All of them share a performing practice of foregrounding simultaneous intensities and subtleties out of their complex construction of sounds

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