Practice- Based Sound Studies for Installation and Performance

With guest lecturers Brandon LaBelle, Åsa Stjerne and Buddhaditya Chattopadhyay
Course Module 2, June-July 2022

This course provides a hands-on and research-based approach to site-specific practices in sound. The course culminates in a project week wherein participant’s work is featured for the public at a four-day event at Acud.

Lecturers: Jeremy Woodruff and Katharina Bévand.
Cooperation: Singuhr’s Unexpected Territories Festival, Composers-Inside-Electronics artists John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein, and Michael Johnson

Performing with Modular Synths and Circuitry Building

In this hands-on course the participants learn fundamental theory and approaches to modular synthesis while also learning the basics of electronics for building circuitry and synth modules. Assignments help the participants learn strategies for better achieving their artistic goals and structuring work. In the last two weeks of the course, approaches to composition, improvisation and performance with modular synthesis and built interfaces are workshopped and performed

Indian Classical Music in Diasporic and Experimental Perspectives

55+ hours of seminars, workshops, talks, lessons and concerts, from expert practitioners and researchers including performance/ presentations by course participants in the Club Raum at Kunsthaus Acud in May. For singers, instrumentalists, composers, sound artists, researchers, musicologists, and rasikas alike.