Sounds Pop – Berlin Underground

  • Performance
9. September 2022 - 11. September 2022

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The Berlin School of Sound’s SOUNDS POP festival is a 3-day festival featuring both new generation and developing artists in the Berlin pop scene, including concerts and performances, a radio show, a workshop, and a panel. It will also include a small marketplace area with food stands and pop-up shops! 

18:00hs: Opening of the Marketplace
19:30hs: Daniel Arruda
21:00hs: Krista Papista
22:30hs: Frau Fisch
22:00hs: Closing of the Marketplace

16:00hs: Workshop & Opening of the Marketplace
18:00hs: Radio Programm recording 19:30hs: ILLAY 21:00hs: Rainhas do Norte
22:30hs: Wonderska
22:00hs: Closing of the Marketplace

16:00hs: Panel & Opening of the Marketplace
18:00hs: Anna Morley
19:30hs: Dornika
21:00hs: Closure 

9. September 2022 – 11. September 2022
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin

What else is going on What else is going on What else is going on

  • Performance
6. September 2022 - 6. December 2022
Bei den transkulturellen Ensemble-Konzerten unter dem Titel Sonic Borderlines wird nach einer internationalen und dekolonisierten historischen Aufführungspraxis gesucht. Die radikal kuratierten Abende bringen Musiker:innen mit den unterschiedlichsten Backgrounds zusammen, wie arabische und aserbaidschanische Klassik und Musik aus dem europäischen Mittelalter und der Renaissance.
  • Course
14. November 2022 - 29. January 2023
In this hands-on course the participants learn fundamental theory and approaches to modular synthesis while also learning the basics of electronics for building circuitry and synth modules. Assignments help the participants learn strategies for better achieving their artistic goals and structuring work. In the last two weeks of the course, approaches to composition, improvisation and performance with modular synthesis and built interfaces are workshopped and performed
  • Workshop
24. November 2022 - 27. November 2022, 17:00
Participants will be invited to create their own personalised tuning system and to create generative music using it.
  • Seminar
12. January 2023, 11:00
In this workshop, participants are invited to explore the basic phenomena of psychoacoustics and intonation and to develop individual creative projects experimenting with their manifestations in any form.

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