Pop Music on the Border to Sound Art: Sounds Pop panel discussion

  • Seminar
11. September 2022, 16:00

Meet the artists and hear about their experiences…

Where do pop and sound art overlap? For decades already many artists like Laurie Anderson or Aphex Twin, and bands as diverse as Devo or Stereo Lab have consciously mixed pop music with a heavy dose of sound art sensibility. Now that sound art has become mainstream, we are witnessing a big revival of artists mixing sound art concepts with pop. How do experiments with sound enter into various pop artist’s work? And how perhaps, is sound art itself breaking out of traditional models using pop music methods?

A certain kind of sonic agency is reflected in both sound art and pop wherein the practices are tightly connected to “structural pressures” in society by which it is  both confronted and from which it emanates. But as artforms they also resist being reduced to simply reflecting (a critique of) economic trends, gender discrimination, racialized violence etc. How do these questions impact the audience and what is the significance of the specific regional difference between Berlin and elsewhere?

In this panel DJ and sound artist Paula Schopf, researcher Carla J. Maier, multidisciplinary artist Caterina Renaux Hering (aka Frau Fisch) and Iranian-American artist Dornika Kazerani discuss these and other questions to reflect on the Sounds Pop festival in the larger context of art, pop, community and sound. 

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11. September 2022, 16:00
Free Entrance
Paula Schopf
Frau Fisch
Carla J. Maier
Moderator: Jeremy Woodruff
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin

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