THE SPACE BETWEEN VOICE AND GESTURE  Workshop led by Alessandra Eramo

  • Workshop
23. May 2022 - 24. May 2022, 15:00

23 MAY 15:00-18:00
24 MAY 15:00-18:00 + 19:00 live Performance by the workshop participants
Kunsthaus ACUD, Veteranenstrasse 21, Berlin-Mitte

Starting from sound and the imagery it generates, The Space between Voice and Gesture is a cross-disciplinary Workshop which proposes an exploration of oral and written phenomena in sound, with a focus on the relationship between voice and gesture. Moving at the intersection of sound, body and visual art, the goal of the Workshop is to investigate the possibility of extension and transformation of sound through compositional practices of voice, gesture, field recording and drawing. And, on top of that, aim of the Workshop is to delve into the concept of “margin” through sound and performance practice, touching on questions related to “otherness”, the personal and collective sonic memory.

“Voice is ephemeral. How can I make the presence of my voice visible? 
In every vocal expression not only the uvula and the vocal cords are involved, but also the vibrating and gesturing body in its totality and uniqueness. The voice is our body, our memory and identity. The voice is the original human instrument, it can be expanded, transformed or symbolized, the voice can be recorded for eternity.  The voice becomes gesture, and it can emerge as drawing and graphic score. What are the relationships and tensions between these media?” Alessandra Eramo

In the time we’re living now, the margins between the real and the imaginary, between the physical and the virtual, are less and less recognizable, as evidenced by the incessant presence of screens in our daily lives, screens that constitute new realities but without bodies. If we consider the body as the central place of political negotiation processes, how can we express the presence of the voice and the body from a poetic and feminist perspective? We will investigate the possibilities of creation that artists have at their disposal today between the ethereal, real and hyperreal, reflecting one’s own practice.

In group, we will:

– Observe our breath, deepen our listening and awareness of the environment and the own voice;
– Develop extended vocal techniques, noise, distortion, alienation of the voice, invented languages, in order to discover the original physical presence of the voice as a bodily expression;
– Foster listening and work on the visualizing of the voice through the creation of abstract and automatic drawings;
– Create graphic scores and a repertoire of gestures;
– Record our voices and environmental sounds;
– Analyze the graphic and acoustic material produced and recorded- Experiment new interdisciplinary methodologies in vocal performance art

The Workshop is held in English or in German.

PARTICIPANTS: Max. 12 persons. The Workhop is open to all persons with a strong interest and experience in the fields of sound / contemporary music / performing arts / visual art / text. Please note: Participation in the Workshop does not require to be singers.

WHAT TO BRING (if possible):
Paper sheets (A4, A5 and different sizes) pencils and graphite, sketchbook, pillows or blankets to sit, comfortable clothes, audio recorders (digital recorder, tape recorder, smartphone, etc.)

CONTACT: For all questions please contact Alessandra Eramo


Photo Credits by Alessandra Eramo


Bookings are closed for this event.

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