Harmonic Space Orchestra-Rehearsal

27. April 2022, 19:30
27. April 2022, 19:30
Closed to the Public
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin

Harmonic Space Orchestra

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The Harmonic Space Orchestra (HSO) is a Berlin-based experimental research and performance collective with Rational Intonation / extended Just Intonation at the core of its practice.

Focusing on material/repertoire inherent to its members, the group currently consists of 16 composer-performers, musicians who engage in practice-based research into Harmonic Space. This concept, created by the late American composer James Tenney, redefines harmony as a potentially infinite, multi-dimensional lattice of rational intervals. The Harmonic Space Orchestra includes internationally-renowned and established, as well as emerging or young composer-performers, working together. They combine approaches—using the Helmholtz-Ellis JI Pitch Notation developed by members of the ensemble that is now widely recognized; favoring numbers over letters; relations over coordinates; drawing on embodied performance practices apart from staff notation altogether; approaches referencing Spectralism; synthesis and analysis; Indian Classical music practices. Each member brings individual perspectives challenging and shaping the group’s approach to perception and music.

Questioning notions of phenomenology and referring to harmony as multi-layered, flexible, expansive structures, HSO shifts from traditional concepts of harmony and at the same time revisits existing repertoire with new found perspectives. The HSO collective values and prioritizes deep exploration and methodological research as an ensemble practice. They create work, they develop work, and they question how to work.

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  • Performance
21. October 2023 - 22. October 2023, 21:00
PERFORM@ zeigt am 20. und 21. Oktober zeitgenössische Performances und experimentelle Musik im MEINBLAU PROJEKTRAUM und im Berlin School of Sound in ACUD in Berlin. Im September fand das Festival im KUNSTRAUM AARAU und im KIFF in der Schweiz statt. Mit dem Projekt wird eine Länder übergreifende Kollaboration zwischen den Kulturveranstaltern und ein Austausch zwischen Berliner und Schweizer Kunstschaffenden lanciert. Das vielfältige Programm umfasst Beiträge aus dem Bereich der klassischen Performance Szene, multimediale Soundperformances, DJ Sets und Konzerte.  Das Festival im MEINBLAU PROJEKTRAUM findet in einer Ausstellung von frölicher | bietenhader  statt. Visuelle, performative und klangliche Kunst treten in einen Dialog und bereichern sich gegenseitig.
  • Course
23. October 2023 - 18. November 2023
Two course levels AI MUSIC 1: Introduction to Terminal Usage and Python Programming This course provides foundational knowledge in both terminal operations and Python programming. Initially designed as a preparatory module for the "Machine Learning for Audio" course, it is also suitable for individuals in artistic disciplines seeking to engage with programming, particularly in the context of audio and multimedia applications. AI MUSIC 2: Python and Machine Learning for Audio This course introduces students to the application of machine learning techniques for audio and music, offering a journey from the basics to the artistic application of machine learning techniques.

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