Boris Hauf and Jeremy Woodruff Quintet

  • Performance
23. February 2023, 20:00
23. February 2023, 20:00
Entry on donation basis 10/7
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin


“Don’t you lie awake at night wishing that Philip K Dick had written music to accompany his vision of dystopia? All that time he was working in a music store and we only get books… Well luckily, Mr. Boris Hauf has supplied us with the next best thing: The great anti-anti-utopia is here.” – Mark McLaren

Tonight we will also be showing music-videos of Vienna based video and sound artist billy roisz and dieter kovacic – in town to premiere their new film at Berlinale ’23.

Jeremy Woodruff Quintet is:

Frida Beck, Trumpet
Nils Marquart, Trombone
Jeremy Woodruff, Bari Sax and interviews
Peter Nitsch, Bass
Hans Otto, Drums

Jeremy Woodruff’s compositions for this ensemble feature a highly American idiom but with extremely unusual twists and turns:
these highly melodic investigations of alternate realities, often veering into unusual metrical combinations and a harmonic approach reminiscent of things you didn’t think could ever be musically possible again after about 1923. The somewhat simple melodies are a reactionary gesture to a glut of sanctimonious political, conceptual and technological artistic pretensions with which we are relentlessly confronted. Recorded interviews on personal lives maybe punctuate the deep sense of loss of our communal human future that the music is just able to hang by a thread of remaining sanity in order to communicate.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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24. June 2024 - 2. August 2024, 18:00
Explore the limitless possibilities of generative music production using the dynamic duo of Max and Max-for-Live! This course is designed for artists, musicians, producers, and sound enthusiasts looking to push the boundaries of creativity and harness the potential of generative musical techniques in their art.

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