Wavefront-Modular Synthesizer Compositions &Live Performances II

  • Performance
28. January 2023, 20:00

Experimental Electronic Music, Ambient, Techno, Noise, Synthesizer Music.

28. January 2023, 20:00
Admission Free, Doors 7pm
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin

Wavefront combines various approaches across musical genres, ranging from industrial soundscapes and otherworldly atmospheres to distorted and thriving beats of playful as well as harsh dance music.

Dystopian and raw noises negotiate the sonic space with melodic and meditativesoundscapes, while field recordings and external instruments connect us to everydaylistening experiences.

Conceptual approaches push the limits beyond human listening.Wavefronttunes our ears beyond everyday sounds to other worlds of frequencies, offeringa broad palette of aesthetics.

With the final public event of the course Introduction to Modular Synthesis and Circuitry Building at Berlin School of Sound we dive into a sea built by electronic waves of the various electronic ecosystems of the performers. Connecting fields of electronic music and sound art, in this course participants investigate and further developed their electronic performance set-ups and sound aesthetics as composers.

Participants: Binu Bhaskar / Carlos Yarza & Matthias Sars / Angelos Tassopoulos / IdaBux / ortansia rhastoni / LUNAΔRAVE / The Dark Wasp & plasmatron / AleksandrGoshukov / Krista Bourgeois / Din Daa Daa & Nikulás Barkarson / Nora Freier / HåkanJonsson

Thursday 26th:

Aleksandr Goshukov


Håkan Jonsson 
Din Daa Daa & Nikulás Barkarson 
The Dark Wasp & plasmatron 
ortansia rhastoni / visuals by cyber qualia

Saturday 28th:

Angelos Tassopoulos

Nora Freier 
Carlos Yarza & Matthias Sars 
Ida Bux 
Krista Bourgeois

What else is going on What else is going on What else is going on

  • Course
  • Workshop
24. June 2024 - 2. August 2024, 18:00
Explore the limitless possibilities of generative music production using the dynamic duo of Max and Max-for-Live! This course is designed for artists, musicians, producers, and sound enthusiasts looking to push the boundaries of creativity and harness the potential of generative musical techniques in their art.

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