Sound learning machines II :AI Audio Workshop for Musicians with ktonal

  • Workshop
21. January 2023, 13:00
21. January 2023, 13:00
Unkostenbeitrag 5 Euro.
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin

In an atmosphere of collective collaboration and knowledge sharing, KTONAL members guide participants through a practical discovery of AI-powered sound generation.

In this second edition of KTONAL’s AI Audio Workshops will attempt to kick-start a crowd-sourced composition under the keyword “AI Club Night”. After discussing what such a project could entail as well musically as from the technological side, we will first deepen our python skills by learning how to programmatically search and download audios from YouTube and then, we will use neural networks to regenerate them. 

Musicians, musicologists and artists with all levels of technical background are welcome! We look forward to meet you and welcome you for the first or second time into our growing community of AI-affine musicians.


Bookings are closed for this event.

What else is going on What else is going on What else is going on

  • Course
5. June 2023 - 29. July 2023, 17:30
This course provides a hands-on and research-based approach to performance and site-specific practices in sound. The course culminates in a project week wherein participant’s work is featured for the public at a two-day event at Acud and an exhibition at Errant Sound Project Space.
  • Performance
5. July 2023, 20:00
Eine Konzertreihe des Duos TRAINING (Johannes Schleiermacher & Max Andrzejewski) mit wechselnden Gästen unterschiedlicher musikalischer Hintergründe. Animierte Grafiken als Spielanweisung bilden die  immer gleiche Grundlage für die immer andere Begegnung. Hierin öffnen sich Räume für Solo-momente der Protagonist*innen.

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