Jazz and Fly Fishing

  • Performance
31. October 2022, 20:00
31. October 2022, 20:00
Entrance 15/10
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin

Jazz & Fly Fishing is a jazz quartet, a quirky film project, and a dream come true. It all started in Helsinki in 2008. Two young men met in a pub and came up with the ingenious idea of putting together a jazz band of fly fishermen. Those two men were Joona Toivanen, an award winning Finnish piano player who is also a passionate fly fisherman, and Petri Luukkainen, a professional documentarist from Finland with a profound inte-rest in jazz music and fly fishing. A couple of pints later, they had decided to make a TV documentary about the project, too, and now all they needed was a band. The actual process of putting the band together turned out to be very similar to that of creating a boy band, only with slightly different criteria. The band members would have to be: 1. Established, professional jazz musicians. 2. Deeply passionate fly fishermen. 3. Decent human beings. Finding three other guys who met these standards wasn´t easy, but Joona´s kid brother, bass player Tapani Toivanen, and Swedish drummer Fredrik Hamrå fit the bill. To complete the quartet, they needed some guy playing a lead instrument, preferably someone from Norway, since Norway has a good jazz scene and lots of awesome fishing, and that ´s where guitarist Håvard Stubø came in. Jazz & Fly Fishing was born. Since then, the group has toured extensively in Scandina-via and Europe, released three albums and a DVD, and produ-ced a vast array of short films, gathering a substantial interna-tional audience along the way. 



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  • Course
5. June 2023 - 29. July 2023, 17:30
This course provides a hands-on and research-based approach to performance and site-specific practices in sound. The course culminates in a project week wherein participant’s work is featured for the public at a two-day event at Acud and an exhibition at Errant Sound Project Space.
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5. July 2023, 20:00
Eine Konzertreihe des Duos TRAINING (Johannes Schleiermacher & Max Andrzejewski) mit wechselnden Gästen unterschiedlicher musikalischer Hintergründe. Animierte Grafiken als Spielanweisung bilden die  immer gleiche Grundlage für die immer andere Begegnung. Hierin öffnen sich Räume für Solo-momente der Protagonist*innen.

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