Exhale[s] at Errant Sound and Breaths/LP/Deaths at Acud – Final presentations – July 2022

  • Installation
  • Performance
  • Seminar
22. July 2022 - 23. July 2022
22. July 2022 – 23. July 2022

22. – 23.07 from 8pm at Acud (this event)
20.07 Opening at Errant Sound, 6 – 9pm
21.07 – 25.07, 2 – 8pm, exhibition at Errant Sound
Veteranenstrasse 21
10119 Berlin

Experience sonic performances by Roxanne Nesbitt, Wei Kang Beh, Steve Williams, Cillian Peat and Elodie Le Neindre at Acud (this event)

Questioning and Attestation made sensorial from unknown states beyond and behind our cognitive scope; feedforward / resonance / sustainability / climate / disclosure / symbiosis / dead silence / [negotiating] noise / anthropophony


Friday 22nd

‘Can you hear the Earth breathing?’ (Steve Williams/drusnoise) 35 min 

‘improv on symbiotic ceramics and piano’ (Roxanne Nesbitt) 20 min

‘Turn on, dial in: Explorations in soundscape improvisation through SW radio transmissions’ (Cillian Peat) 30 min

Saturday 23rd

‘Dead silence – Negotiating noise with the non-living’ (Håkan Jonsson) 6 min

‘Can you hear the Earth breathing?’ (Steve Williams/drusnoise) 35 min

‘Turn on, dial in: Explorations in soundscape improvisation through SW radio transmissions’ (Cillian Peat) 30 min

Elodie Le Neindre 25 min

and Exhale[s]: works by Roxanne Nesbitt, Morten Poulsen, Tan Bone Project (Li Li [KSA] and Joshua Weitzel), Wei Kang Beh, Håkan Jonsson, Roxanne Gintz, Steve Williams and SK Sabrin Zahan Kriti at Errant Sound Wednesday 20th July at 6pm opening and every day thereafter through the 25th of July 2 -8pm : Errant Sound Event Link

Together in one exhibition, the eight artists reflect many approaches to working with sound as artistic practice. This work spans from research on how noise is negotiated in public spaces, to noise as an expression of protest, how new instruments create new relationships and how doing certain sounds together changes relations, how listening might show us something about ourselves or reflect current socio-economic systems….

Exhibition opening: July 20th at 6-9pm
Opening days: July 21-25, every day at 2-8pm

Together these are the culminating event of Practice-Based Sound Studies for Installation and Performance, Module 2, Berlin School of Sound, June – July 2022

What else is going on What else is going on What else is going on

  • Seminar
  • Workshop
21. August 2022, 17:30
Was bedeuten Klänge und der Begriff der Musik für jene Musiker*innen, Klangkünstler*innen und Denker*innen, die ihre Tradition, Kultur oder Weltanschauung nicht in den global dominierenden eurozentrischen künstlerischen und intellektuellen Klang- und Musikpraktiken wiedererkennen?
  • Performance
28. August 2022, 19:30
Spontaneous compositions with graphic notation and images that provoke music and imaginary short stories with built bowed, plucked, wind, percussive, micro-tonal and tuned instruments
  • Seminar
29. August 2022, 19:30
The Auditory Setting: Environmental Sounds in Film and Media Arts (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press)  Sound Practices in the Global South: Co-listening to Resounding Plurilogues (London: Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Performance
9. September 2022 - 11. September 2022
The Berlin School of Sound’s SOUNDS POP festival is a 3-day festival featuring both new generation and developing artists in the Berlin pop scene, including concerts and performances, a radio show, a workshop, and a panel. It will also include a small marketplace area with food stands and pop-up shops!
  • Workshop
10. September 2022, 16:00
Dieser Workshop bietet eine experimentelle- praktische Einführung in die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten des Klangs, Field Recording und Sampling

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