Georg Werner

Research Focus

  • Sound Art (performance, objects and installations)
  • DIY electronic instruments
  • Connecting the arts and technology (creating digital tools used in different fields of the arts especially Sound Art and theater)
  • Interdisciplinary collaborative work
  • Sound Art Education

Curriculum Vitae

Georg Werner studied Applied Cultural Studies at Universität Hildesheim
(Diplom), Experimental Media Design at UDK Berlin and Sound Art in a
master class with Ulrich Eller at HBK Braunschweig. He often works in
collaboration with international artists und collectives in the field
between art & technology. He is eager to learn and shares the knowledge
he gathered along the way in workshops, lectures and seminars.
His artistic approach is humble and multi layered – influenced by
objects and situations, that he modifies, to be inviting to exploration
and relation. Meanwhile they may raise the sensitivity of the viewers


Selected Exhibitions and Performances

  • 09/2022 „Instability“ Performance with Simon Berz at Apartment Project, Berlin
  • 07-10/2022      „Yapay Us / Ya pay us“ group exhibition „Swamp of Wonders” at Kommunale Galerie Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch, Berlin
  • 08/2022         „Base Drum Kit“ group exhibition “Absent Cargo” at Errant Sound – Sound Art Gallery Berlin
  • 07/2022         „Fine Tuning“ Performance at “Perform Mainblau” – Festival for Experimental Music and Performance at Meinblau Project Space, Berlin
  • 06/2022         „PIGS“ video and electronics Staatstheater Stuttgart
  • 03/2022         „PIGS“ video and electronics Kammerspiele Munich
  • 03-06/2021  „Yapay us/Ya pay us“ soundreactive sculpture, Dystopia Festival Istanbul
  • 01/2021         „Errant Shutdown Sound Night #5“ performance with Max Joy at Errant Sound, Berlin
  • 10/2019  „E-Sounds of Silence“ E-car concert performance, Wunder der Prärie / Mannheim
  • 09/2018  „ت“ sound installation, Dystopie Sound Art Festival Berlin
  • 04/2018         „Cuckoo vs.“ composition for Tier – Bild – Ton podcast series at Errant Sound, Berlin


03/2020  „Das Publikum als Prozessor“ in Otto, Ulf (Hrsg.), Algorithmen des Theaters. Ein Arbeitsbuch, Alexander Verlag Berlin

Selected Workshops and Teaching

SS 2021 „Digital art in social space“, FH Dortmund

WS 2015/2016 „Digital art in social context“, FH Dortmund

WS 2015/2016 „Interactive sound generation for installations and performances“, HBK Braunschweig

WS 2015/2016 „Ästhetik und Praxis von Audiowalks“, Seminar im Studiengang szenisches Schreiben, UdK Berlin

01/2017 „Creative Electronics in the Arts“ 300. Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival Stuttgart

01/2017 „Concepts and Design of Interactive Electronics for Art, Media- and Performanceprojects“ 300. Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival Stuttgart

05/2016 „Die Theatermaschine 1&2“ 2 Workshops at performersion / re:publica Berlin

07/2015 „Die Theatermaschine“ Workshop at symposium ACTING ALGORITHMS University of Hildesheim